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About Us


APT MOBILE SATCOM LIMITEDcan be called as APSATCOMwas founded on 23rd July 2016. The registered capital is 2 billion RMB and the total investment will be over 10 billion RMB.

APSATCOM will provide the high-quality, efficient, cost-effective communication services and various applications for maritime, aviation, land mobile and satellite broadband internet access in isolated areas.

APSATCOM is a reliable and professional communications service provider. It has a communication expert team which is domestic leading and first-class of the international; has an engineering team which is well experienced; has a management team which is efficient and capable.


  • Add: 18th Floor,Building C,Shenye U Center,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China
  • Fax: 86-755-23508989
  • Tel:86-755-23508900
  • Market: market@apsatcom.com
  • Network Operation Center: NOC@apsatcom.com
  • Website: http://www.apsatcom.com/